Sylvain's heritage


Born in 1900, Raymond Salmon worked in the vineyards from an early age: first with his parents and later with his wife Marguerite. He was assisted in difficult day-to-day tasks by Bayard, his faithful horse. Raymond and Marguerite’s daughter, France, took over the farm with her husband Jacques in the 1960s.


The Erard-Salmon Champagne adventure began in 1981 when France and Jacques purchased a press to produce and sell their own champagne. This family legacy has continued with an ever-growing passion for the vineyard and wine. France and Jacques’s son, Sylvain, took over the estate in 1984 after obtaining a vocational degree in winegrowing and oenology, thus continuing the adventure.

Murielle’s heritage


Julien Paille was born in 1912 in La Neuville-aux-Larris to winegrowing parents who instilled in him their love of the vine from a very young age. He obtained his primary-level certificate at age 15 and began working in his parents’ vineyards. Julien’s wife Antoinette later joined him at the family estate, which thrived with their efforts.

Their daughter Arlette, next in line to this adventure, married Jean-Claude. Together, they continued to work the terroir, harvesting their first grapes in 1966. Born that same year, Julien and Antoinette’s daughter, Murielle, was also introduced to winegrowing at a very young age. She represents the family’s third generation of passionate women winemakers.

“ Passionate about winegrowing, dedicated to savoir-faire and family tradition ”

Erard-Salmon Champagne


This admirable adventure has continued with Sylvain and Murielle, whose union marked a major turning point for Erard-Salmon Champagne. The estate, expanded over the years with the acquisition of various vineyard plots from their respective families, now covers ten hectares.

Sylvain and Murielle’s eldest son Emilien is a qualified oenologist, while Julien has chosen a career in a completely different field. With the next generation in place, Emilien’s expertise provides new perspectives on the vinification of champagnes. Based on his son’s advice, Sylvain has expanded the product range and now vinifies part of his production in oak barrels. This technique is used to craft one of the estate’s flagship vintages, made using grapes from the oldest vines on the property.